The prerequisite for market oriented decisions is the constant need for extensive and profound information of the relevant market. To create this basis, there are (depending on client’s requirements) different methods.
Our spectrum of services covers the current methods, how market and competitor analyses are directed, concurrent and unconventional methods along with comprehensive market radar research. With this methodical range of services we deliver mission critical market information in a customized form as required at a strategic or an operational decision making level.

  • Developing new business models
  • Understand market and competitor developments
  • Generating Traffic & Leads
  • Identification/ Selection of right technologies
  • Understand customer needs


A successful sales strategy depends largely on being fully cognizant on assimilating all the available information on the developments and needs of the target audience as well as on strategic decisions, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors. The specific details and the direct plug and play nature of the information are very crucial for the company.
We deliver a sound basis for the design of your sales activities through the implementation of strategy till execution.

  • Identify & rate target groups
  • Major Deal Support
  • Sales Enablement
  • Pre-Sales & Lead identification

Strategy & Business Development

Successful strategies are based on a keen understanding of the market. We exist and deliver solutions for this very reason. Through close collaboration with our clients we tailor market strategies suitable for their situation and business.
Moreover, we use pre determined criteria to identify, structure, and segment markets. Based on the insights gained, we assess the attractiveness of existing and new markets and along with them define the strategic thrust needed for their business which has successfully been established in the market.

  • Regular identification & analysis of market trends
  • Market-side recommendations for developing new business models
  • Targetlistings for partnerships and potential investments
  • Decision-making tool for quick but profound progress

M&A and Private Equity

We regularly work together with internal M&A departments or consulting companies to execute Commercial Due Diligences. On the other hand we support investors and advisors in selling their companies by creating target listings, making contacts and continuous screening of relevant markets during sales process.

  • Strategic market and competitor analysis as part of the Commercial Due Diligence
  • Target Listings for potential buyers
  • Market Screening during buying process
  • Ad hoc support for urgent quick analyses