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Thomas Allgeyer

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of Frenus since 2010 Formerly employed by Vodafone, Oliver Wyman and Mercer Management Consulting in the fields of Strategy, Restructuring and Project Management Background: Degree in Economics at Hohenheim University

Marcel Blume

Director Market Advisory & BD

Joined in 2013 and is responsible for building up our subsidiary in Bulgaria since October 2016 Formerly employed by Robert Bosch GmbH and GN Research in the fields of Project Management, Corporate Global Marketing and Brand Management Background: Studie International Marketing at Fonty Hogeschool Venlo

Frenus: Derived from the Latin words ‘Fretus’ and ‘Munus’, embodying our commitment to being your trusted partner in undertaking essential work.

Committed Team

Skilled team of ~20 colleagues, always going the extra mile to ensure exceptional results

Consulting-Driven Research

Specialized expertise in delivering research tailored to the unique needs of strategic projects

Customized Solutions

Bespoke research strategies designed to address your specific business challenges and objectives

Cross-Industry Expertise

Deep understanding of various industries, providing valuable insights to help you navigate complex landscapes