Find following the most often asked and discussed questions and suggestions regarding our database Aduno. If you prefer to reach us personally, please don´t hesitate to ask via Chat function on the right side or via or via phone: +49 711 99529-629.

Coverage & Methodology

Do you cover all reports & studies in the field of Mobility & Transportation?

This is our goal! We´re working hard on this topic and using various types of searches to identify newly published documents. On the other side, we want to find a balance between number of listed reports & studies and quality provided. As a result we manually screen each study & report to deselect marketing brochures or studies with less relevant content.

Do you cover all regions worldwide in all languages?

Yes, we´re doing a global search & identification of studies & reports. The only limit is the document language: Currently we focus on German and English publications.

How do you find relevant studies & reports?

We still trust in people more than in AI. Means: We´re combining different search methodologies (boolean search, web scrapers, search by domain, manual check of most relevant sources, etc.). Every source we list is manually checked and tagged to lift the percentage of quality of good sources. This was one main issue we faced in the past with a too automated process. Currently two people of our team are working full time – only handling/ optimizing listed documents.

Best Practices & Usage

What is the best way to search and find relevant studies?

We prefer to use the Advanced Filtering options. Quickest way to select is to choose relevant Categories and Topics. If you have a very specific search term, that is not covered in Topics you can use the Full Text Search. Additionally you can further break down your search results by Publication Year and Country Focus.

Is it possible to mark/ rate or comment studies & reports?

Yes, we added this option, to more effectively build your selection of relevant studies & reports. Per study you can mark the status (read/ not read), bookmark relevant documents for later read, rate each document and make comments, e.g. regarding relevant projects the document can be used for.

Can I export selected studies & reports?

Yes, you can export the selected list or full list of relevant documents. You will receive an Excel file to proceed working on.

Feedback & Roadmap

Do you have plans to expand the offering?

Yes, for sure! We´re using the database by ourselves for our project work as well. We have a general commitment to further invest in the database and have many ideas regarding further development. We started nearly half a year ago, already added many features and will further expand functions as well as documents listed. All suggestions and ideas from your side are highly appreciated, we´ll do our best to implement these in the future.

Are you open for ideas & suggestions?

Customer feedback is of highest interest for us. We´re aiming to provide you a great experience using our database … and love to hear your suggestions to further optimize your user experience and way to work with it.