Founder and Managing Director of Frenus since 2010 Formerly employed by Vodafone, Oliver Wyman and Mercer Management Consulting in the fields of Strategy, Restructuring and Project Management Background: Degree in Economics at Hohenheim University


We offer Ad-hoc-research services for business cases where your company needs information urgently, but does not have the necessary know-how or resources to obtain the relevant information. The appropriate data will be collected in a timely and efficient manner and prepared in accordance with your individual requirements.

Smart Logistics: Transformation of the Logistics and Warehouse management process

High levels of transparency is required for logistics providers and in-house logistics departments of companies to operate efficiently. In this era of digitalization, condition and location of assets in transport or within a warehouse is quickly becoming a necessity. Companies are adopting paperless fleet and warehouse management solutions rapidly in order to transform their logistics…

The Difference between Reactive, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

With the heightened degree of technological advance in the recent years, many aspects of life have seen major changes – from our daily activities, to the way companies conduct their businesses including the production and distribution of goods. Digital transformation-enabling concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics have contributed significantly to the nature of…