Understand Future Developments

A main methodology of our research studies are exchanges with industry and solution experts to validate and extend our research results.

In the last years we conducted 1.000+ interviews mainly in the field of digital solutions and new technologies.

Each exchange lasts about 30-60 minutes and takes place via video conference or via phone. Your time and participation is highly appreciated – we will remunerate or donate based on our discussion.

At any time, we´re not focusing on compliance relevant data and ask you to please not share any confidential or critical information.

Example Projects

Digital Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

We´d like to better understand the Status Quo of Adoption of Digital Solutions in Vans as well as the specific Customer Needs. Additionally, we´d like to focus on potential Use Cases and reasons for purchasing.

ERP Software in Construction

We would be interested to know more about your personal experience and opinion as an user of the ERP system and how it impacted your day-to-day tasks.

Devices for Workforce Management

We are interested in your opinion about Hardware and Device usage for Workforce Management as well as future developments.

„Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

But to lead, you must know the terrain and anticipate the shifts in the market.“

Inspired by Steve Jobs

Why should you participate?

In current times, time is more valuable and short than ever. We know this and appreciate the time you spend with us.

Gain & Share Insights

We´re absolutely happy to share our insights during the call – or even afterwards with an additional exchange or via sending over a summary of our study.

Payment or Donation

Time is money. Having this in mind we offer you two options of remuneration. We will compensate your efforts directly – or you decide to donate and we´ll keep you updated about the donation.

Compliance conform

At any time we´re not focusing on compliance relevant data and ask you to please not share any confidential or critical information.


As a company, we don't usually take part in such exchanges. Can I still participate?

At no point during the interview will you be asked to share confidential company information, this is purely your own personal opinion. The focus of this study is individual users and not companies.

I don't have time during working hours, is there a possibility to do the interview after work?

Yes, the discussion can take place at time of your convenience, before or after your working hours.

Am I really relevant to this?

In the beginning of our calls we quickly go through the specific requirements needed (additionally to our initial request you received). In the case that requirements are not met, no further actions are needed. We´ll add you to our interview database for future requests – if wished.

How is it working out with the compensation or donation?

Our different projects are compensated individually. We will inform you in advance about the exact compensation. After a successful interview execution you can decide whether you want to receive a payment or whether we should donate the defined sum. We´ll keep you updated about the progress and send you a confirmation after payment/ donation.