The last-mile delivery landscape is rapidly evolving due to emerging technologies, shifting consumer preferences, and the increasing demand for efficient, sustainable solutions. Technologies such as drones, robots and artificial intelligence are enabling innovations within the space.

Autonomous Delivery Solutions

As autonomous vehicle technology continues to advance, providers such as Nuro and Waymo are developing last-mile delivery solutions that leverage self-driving capabilities. These solutions have the potential to reduce labor costs, increase delivery efficiency, and enhance overall customer experience.

In a pilot project in Houston, Texas, Nuro partnered with Domino’s Pizza to offer autonomous vehicle delivery, demonstrating the potential of this technology to improve delivery times and overall efficiency.

Delivery Drones

Drone technology is quickly becoming a key player in last-mile delivery solutions, with companies like Amazon Prime Air, Wing, and Zipline leading the charge. Drone delivery offers the potential for faster, more efficient deliveries, especially in hard-to-reach or congested areas.

In 2020, Wing partnered with Walgreens to deliver essential items to customers in Christiansburg, Virginia, showcasing the potential of drone delivery to improve efficiency, & reduce carbon emissions

Delivery Robots

Delivery robots, such as those developed by Starship Technologies and Refraction AI, offer a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional last-mile delivery solutions. These robots navigate sidewalks autonomously, using cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles and deliver packages directly to customers.

Starship Technologies have made over 4 million commercial autonomous deliveries with their fleet of over 2,000+ robots

Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes, like those from Urban Arrow, provide a clean, efficient, and versatile last-mile delivery solution. These bikes allow for faster navigation through congested urban areas, reducing delivery times and improving customer satisfaction.

DHL and Coolblue have piloted Urban Arrow’s electric cargo bikes for last mile deliveries.

Smart Lockers

Smart lockers, such as those provided by Parcel Pending and Amazon Lockers, offer a secure and convenient solution for last-mile deliveries. These lockers allow customers to retrieve their packages at any time, reducing the need for multiple delivery attempts and enhancing overall efficiency.

In 2020, Lowe’s Home Improvement partnered with Parcel Pending to install smart lockers at some of their locations to streamline store pick-up process


Crowdshipping is an innovative approach to last-mile delivery that leverages local communities to deliver packages. This method connects customers with nearby drivers who can pick up and deliver packages on their way, making the process more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Companies like Roadie and Nimber are pioneering this approach in the delivery space

Green Urban Delivery Hubs

Green urban delivery hubs, aim to create a sustainable infrastructure for last-mile delivery by optimizing logistics and reducing the environmental impact of deliveries. These hubs integrate various last-mile delivery solutions, such as electric vehicles, cargo bikes, and delivery robots, to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly delivery network.