Back a few years our focus in the Automotive industry was on analyzing market developments for e.g. turbo chargers, cable protection, sensors, SDR tanks, etc. In the last years we mainly focussed on digital topics, like how to bring healthcare topics in the car of the future, analyze and create new business models, connectivity solutions & developments.

We´re working together with leading OEMs and Tier 1/ 2 suppliers mainly in the field of advanced development & innovation/ marketing.

  • Technology analsys: Future Healthcare in passenger cars
  • Market analysis: Pressure Sensors
  • Supplier Analysis: Connectivity Solutions for Vans
  • Interieur of the Future: Trend & Technology Analysis


In the manufacturing industry we´re focussed on analyzing trending topics and support with developing new business models and identify relevant customer needs.

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  • Study about Status Quo & Customer Needs Predictive Maintenance
  • Market and competitor analysis IoT analytics
  • Status Quo & Implementation Digital Twin
  • Industrial Robotics: Outlook 2020

Information Technology

Since 2010 we´re focusing on projects in the field of ICT. Main buzzwords are: Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT. We executed projects in the field of: Public/ Private cloud, IoT platforms, IoT analytics.

  • Competitor Analysis Private Cloud
  • IoT Security – Best Practices, Use Cases and Outlook
  • Competitor Analysis IoT platforms
  • Market and competitor analysis Edge Computing

Transportation & Logistics

In the last 12 months we conducted over 200 expert interviews in the field of transport and logistic.Focus topics we covered were mainly in new delivery models, changes in delivery places, customer needs and new/ more developed software solutions along the value chain.

Please have a look at our monthly free Digitalization Insights.

  • Market and Supplier analysis In-Night-Delivery and In-Van-Delivery
  • Supplier/ Sourcing Analysis Tour Planning
  • Future developments: Telematics
  • Market Analysis Connectivity Boxes

Retail & eCommerce

eCommerce is growing extensively. We specially have a look at trends & developments in regard to new business models and development and changes in customer needs. We did global analyses to compare differences in terms of customer needs and market developments.

  • Target group analysis eCommerce & eRetail
  • Status Quo and Future Outlook Smart Cities
  • Future of Delivery: Place & Type of delivery