Pre-commercial due diligence: Automotive digital solution provider

Automotive 2 Monate Globale Reichweite Ausgangssituation Ein Automobilhersteller arbeitet derzeit mit einem digitalen Lösungsanbieter als Hauptlieferant von Technologie zusammen, der bereits in seinen Fahrzeugen eingebaut wird Angesichts des gemeinsamen Erfolgs, aber auch einiger technischer Einschränkungen durch das potenzielle Ziel der Transaktion, wandte sich der Kunde an uns, um eine tiefere Analyse seines Geschäfts aus kommerzieller…

Trend Analysis

To be able to make decisions within the widest possible scope for action, trends must be recognized at an early stage. Our Trend Analysis is designed to help you achieve this goal. It offers the possibility to identify developments already in the development phase and thus to recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage.

Market Radar

The extensive knowledge of the market, competitors and trending topics, represent one of the most important components for every company’s success. A decisive factor in it is to keep track and be up to date with the latest market developments, innovations and activities of the new competitors.


As part of our Strategic Market Analysis, we consider the relevant target market of our clients. The analysis is mainly based on market size and development, trends and drivers, as well as competitors. Its exact content is jointly and individually compiled with our clients’ requirements.