Your answer to urgent requests

We offer Ad-hoc-research services for business cases where your company needs information urgently, but does not have the necessary know-how or resources to obtain the relevant information. The appropriate data will be collected in a timely and efficient manner and prepared in accordance with your individual requirements. Even for requests on very short notice we will be able to offer a prompt start of the project in order to reduce time pressure for your organization.

The Ad hoc Research service provides you with quick and competent data collection within a short period of time. This will enable you to have the relevant data available quickly and thus to better handle possible time constraints. Preparation of the information can be done in a format of your choice (PDF, Word, PowerPoint). Execution/ Commissioning of the projects mostly focused on, but not limited to the following topics: preparation for meetings taking place on short notice, provided information can function as a basis for short-term strategic decisions.

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what is important to us

The time of an agile environment, design sprints or multi project management asks for getting information as quickly as possible. We make sure to deliver relevant information in time.

Marcel Blume

Director Market Advisory & Business Development
  • Briefing

    During an initial call we define your individual requirements for the ad-hoc request, final delivery and timeline

  • Secondary Research

    We conduct research in databases, press archives and our knowledge management tool for relevant information, followed by a thorough combination and consolidation of the results

  • Communication

    Another aspect of importance is to ensure smooth communication flows during the project and possible next steps

  • Project completion

    Presentation and discussion of our results via a personal phone call or on site. Upon request the results can be presented in front of a larger group and followed by a discussion about next steps

Reasons for execution

Urgent request of Top Management

“Could you please prepare a quick overview till tomorrow”

A large proportion of ad hoc requests are based on short-term requests from top management.

Unexpected competitor during pitch

Sales teams get to know about unexpected competitors during a pitch situation and need urgently additional information about strength and weaknesses and offering portfolio.

Unexpected event was happening

Range of events is quite huge, e.g. new service offering of competitor, new deal, management changes or customer news. We make sure to gain relevant insights within a very short of time.

Make an Appointment

Directly book a time slot, we´ll be happy to discuss your needs

Project examples

Ad hoc Research is usually a single piece of research rather than part of a continuous process. It is designed for a specific purpose and adjusted to the individual needs of the client. In many cases, it is conducted when existing information is deemed to be insufficient. Our team collects and analyzes relevant data in a timely fashion and delivers it to our clients as PowerPoint presentation, Excel-file or Word document. The comprehensive experience Frenus gained through the successful completion of numerous Ad hoc research projects guarantees high-quality research results collected with the help of proven best practices and fast delivery of required information.