We analyze your competitor landscape

Companies which want to achieve success need profound understanding of their competitors. In this regard, the Competitor Analysis investigating the competitor landscape will be fully tailored to your needs.

The identification of direct and indirect competitors, analysis of their positioning, strengths and weaknesses, as well as of their products and services provides a sound basis for the optimization of your company’s corporate strategy.

The knowledge of the competitors’ strategies and motivations enables our clients to predict future behaviors and to proactively position themselves in a certain target marketplace.

what is important to us

We usually face projects with lack of information about relevant competitors and products, due to our focus on B2B industries and innovative products & services in the field of Digitalization. Due to our approach and methodology we ensure the best possible project results as base for strategic decisions.

Marcel Blume

Director Market Advisory & Business Development
  • Longlist

    Identification of direct and indirect competitors and building longlist with relevant companies

  • Shortlist

    Break Down Longlist to Shortlist based on defined criteria, e.g. regional scope, target customers, interfaces

  • Analysis

    In depth analysis based on customer needs, e.g. value chain coverage, product & service portfolio, partnerships, interfaces, regional coverage, strategy & strategic moves

  • Key Results & Recommendations

    Derivation of key results and recommendations for action

Reasons for execution

Product development

Most of our customers are in the beginning/ middle of creating new services & products. We adjust to innovation processes, agile methods and shortterm deliveries as well as different formats of delivery (as by customer wished).

Support Sales Pitches

During larger deals often information about pitching competitors exist. Competitor analyses help to best identify strengths & weaknesses compared to the own offering and find solutions to discuss them with the potential customer.

Market Developments

Specially in the field of digitalization markets develop extremely quickly. Competitor analyses help to identify new players, indirect competitors and analyse them in regard to their capabilities and strategic moves.

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Project examples

Market Radar is an analytical tool that provides current and relevant information about specific topics such as mergers and acquisitions, sales orders, innovations, product information and attack fields. Additionally, this tool is used to keep companies’ management informed about the relevant news and increase their effectiveness without spending hours trying to gather all relevant information.

It is completely tailor-made and based on clients’ requirements so they can decide on its frequency and content. The relevant information can be provided in the form of HTML newsletter, PowerPoint presentation and Excel. Through the Market Radar our clients can stay informed about market trends, new products launches, innovations and other relevant industry specific news, which helps them make the right decisions for their businesses.