ICT provider

1 week

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • A leading ICT service provider decided to redesign its marketing and sales activities for its Mainframe & AMM offering
  • In order to set a schedule for its business and marketing personnel, the client appoached us to prepare a list of events related to Mainframe and AMM technologies and map social network landscape
  • The list of events generated by our engagement helped the client target the major events and evaluate benefits stemming from participation
  • The social network analysis provided the client with a summary of the most popular groups and reflect development in the selected field

Project Objectives

  • At the beginning of the project, the client presented us with a set of criteria which served as a basis for identification of relevant events and groups for client‘s sales activities
  • The aim of the project was to prepare a detailed summary of events taking place within a given time and geography, where client‘s business people could engage relevant decision-makers
  • The social network analysis was meant to identify the most relevant groups to follow and receive information about attendees

challenges we faced

  • The client approached us on a short notice, a few days before an important meeting setting the future sales strategy
  • Tight deadline resulted in project being delivered within one week

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Secondary research

    The research included review of specialized event lists, social media platform and publicly available resources

  • Review of events

    Detailed review of preselected events consisted of manual control of their attributes including specification of topics, speakers and sponsors and adherence to the client specification

  • List of relevant events

    The approved results were entered in the final list of relevant events

  • Network analysis

    Social network analysis consisted of a secondary research and a summary of all groups available on given platforms (LinkedIn, MeetUp, Twitter and Xing)

  • Key findings

    Results of both sections were combined in an executive summary presentation which included the most popular events and social media groups

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