2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • One of the core customer segments of an automotive OEM selling LCVs are Courier-Express-Parcel (CEP) providers (e.g.: DHL, UPS, Hermes)
  • In the phase of planning the customer segment targets for the upcoming years, serving as a basis of product development and sales, they came across a hypothesis needed to be investigated and proven
  • The client wanted to find out, whether in mid-term online sellers globally are going to build up an own fleet for last-mile delivery (as per Amazon model) or keep on partnering with CEP service providers

Project Objectives

  • Within the two focus segments of eCommerce and eRetail, the objective was to analyse their status-quo and future relation to last-mile delivery
  • Hypothesis about a change in last-mile delivery model and LCV ownership to be evaluated, besides focusing on future delivery vehicles
  • Further focus on current last-mile delivery and relationship to CEP providers to identify pain points and needs related to LCV usership
  • Key findings to serve as a basis for decision making on top management level reg. the company’s future customer segment focus

challenges we faced

  • Project done in the busiest online sales season of the year: around Christmas
  • Expert identification and relevance, given the bi-dimensional experience/ expertise required (online sales & last-mile delivery)
  • Asian regional challenges given very different culture, networks and online presence

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Seller type and regions

    Project was segmented by online seller type (eCommerce/ eRetail) and regions (Europe, North America, Asia) to derive differences and similarities

  • Short-list creation

    First, 165 relevant companies have been identified using secondary research serving as a starting point for narrowing down to a short-list of ca. 100 companies globally

  • Analysis & ranking of shortlisted companies

    Shortlisted companies have been analyzed from six different perspectives incl. in total over 60 aspects (e.g.: delivery speed, drop-off points, partners, strategy)

    A scoring model fed by these aspects concluded the top 10 companies per region

    Additionally discussions with shortlisted companies and CEP/ associations have been conducted

  • Key findings

    Over 60 one-hour phone discussions resulted in 60 company profile and 120 interview slides – key findings presented on 15 top management slides

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