2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • An automotive OEM is currently involved in successful partnerships with several express delivery specialists in Germany
  • Partnerships mainly focus on innovation, mutual piloting/ testing and in general business development of digital solutions
  • The client wanted to extend these partnerships over the current stage and to find new opportunities in different fields to cooperate
  • Such cooperation seen by the client as a success factor of launching new digital solutions in the upcoming years

Project Objectives

  • Compiling a list of potential future connection points in order to deepen current cooperation based on theory and current market situation
  • Deriving future strategic paths of the selected express specialists and the potential crossways with our client, based on business model-, financialand SWOT-analysis
  • Matching of company-specific situation and needs/ pain points and general market trends with the clients offering in order to derive future partnering with the highest potential

challenges we faced

  • Very limited amount of express delivery providers in the given specific field, the market is highly oligopolistic
  • Companies are all SMEs, thus information basis and expert network is restricted

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Preliminary research

    Evaluation of research papers, studies and market leading examples of partnerships between an automotive OEM and express specialist in Germany

  • Possible partnerships

    Extension of the list with potentially relevant additionally type of partnerships

  • Analysis of selected firms

    Deep-dive analysis of the selected companies: USPs, logistics and warehousing network, sales presence, management capacity and stability, partner and supplier, strategy, financials and SWOT were the main areas of interest

  • Willingness for cooperation

    Expert interviews with decision makers of the selected companies focusing on their current partnerships and willingness for deepen vertical cooperation

  • Evaluation of possible partnerships

    Interviews served as evaluation basis for each potential partnership type and for discovering untapped areas by their specific needs and market trends

  • Identyfing challenges

    Additionally, sales arguments and challenges have been identified for the client’s digital solution already available on the market, just before global roll-out

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