2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • A leading German automotive OEM wanted to explore the potential of a digital solution for service techniciansfor spare parts return orders, enabling returns collection directly from the service vehicle
  • With this solution, the company aims to save time and cost for technicians and thus reduce machine downtime for their customers
  • The client wanted to gain deeper insights in the logistics process of spare parts returns of companies operating an own service fleet and needed a detailed analysis of currently available solutions for returns

Project Objectives

  • Create an overview of the most relevant solutions for spare parts returns in the market, identify groups and patterns and make a deepdive analysis of solution features, incl. IT landscape and system integration possibilities as a basis of potential new product differentiation
  • Present the general process of returns logistics and process differences based on company’s distribution model and execute expert interviews for in-depth insights into specific practical approaches
  • Based on the solutions overview and expert interviews, present an overview of used SW solutions (apps, platforms) for returns and their features

challenges we faced

  • The process of parts returns from service technicians encompasses touchpoints with various divisions, such as Sales, Field service, Logistics and Supply Chain
  • This makes it challenging to extract all the relevant information to understand the process at each process step

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Preliminary research

    Screening of relevant solutions for spare parts returns, secondary research and telephone interviews in order to provide deeper understanding of their features andoffered value-added services, incl. deep-dive analysis of service offering

  • Process overview

    Consultation with experts and secondary research for deriving a process overview of returns logistics of companies with an own service fleet and for identification of process differences in case of different distribution models (direct sales vs. distribution via a dealership network)

  • Additional research

    Expert interviews within pre-defined target industries with own service fleet – Construction machinery and Home appliances, and representation of specific company returns processes and used solutions

  • Suggestions for action

    Recommendations for the design of a new solution addressing current customer needs and pain points and following industry trends

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