IT provider

2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • A leading provider of digitalization services planned to release a new database solution to the market
  • As the client chose to sell and distribute its new database solution via indirect sales, the sales department were in need to identify potential sales partners within its three main verticals
  • Results of the exercise were needed for approaching the relevant partners with an offer to collaborate on the release of the product and advertise it among their current and future customers

Project Objectives

  • At the beginning of the project, the client presented us with a selection of three market segments in which would the new product be mainly involved
  • The main aim of the project consisted of identification of either companies with a complementing product or solution integrators with wide customer base or professional associations
  • The collaboration was designed to bring mutually beneficial synergies which would enhance product appeal for both partners

challenges we faced

  • The differentiation between customers, clients and potential partners was partially blurred
  • Evaluation of potential partners was changed manually in discussion with our client due to “soft facts”

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Possible partners

    Our team conducted a research on potential sales partners fulfilling predetermined criteria (e.g. size, geography, potential of their solutions to be complement to the product, market segment) and created a long-list of preselected companies

  • Evaluation of selected firms

    Each of the preselected companies was evaluated on basis of their product portfolio and its technological features

  • Prioritizing partnerships

    Based on the evaluation, each company was assigned to one of three priority categories which served as recommendation to the customer, which companies would deserve a higher level of interest

  • List of used cases

    The final file additionally contained a list of used cases describing real-life application of solutions of the pre-selected companies

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