2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • As part of its in-vehicle and smart reverse logistics offerings, our client planned to implement a digital key solution for locking and unlocking a vehicle as a retrofit solution
  • As it was a new go-to-market solution with a new partner, the client had to obtain insights into the possible weaknesses of the offering across the whole process as well as survey similar market leading solutions
  • Limited access to the vehicle diagnostic unit to read vital vehicle parameters such as door lock and battery statuses can result in inefficiencies

Project Objectives

  • Weaknesses to be analyzed, consolidated and evaluated in terms of relevance along the process phases including key generation and transfer, vehicle access by a non-owner, and update of logs
  • Compile and evaluate solutions to the identified weaknesses on a technological and feasibility level
  • Analysis of market leading solutions with comparable technological infrastructure and similar use cases
  • Reinforce recommended solutions with best practice learnings

challenges we faced

  • Thorough understanding of the whole keyless access process on a technological level needed, due to complex interactions between hardware, software, and humans
  • Limited information available via secondary research, as keyless access to vehicles using digital keys is a very recently developed business model

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Acquaintance with the client

    Various meetings with the technical lead of the solution in order to effectively understand the client solution model & to break down the entire process into sequence of individual steps, incl. data flow and communication protocols used

  • Testing

    At each step along the process, stress testing was performed internally and insights from experts were used to identify possible weaknesses, later extending also to interactions between individual steps

  • Weakness analysis & solution identification

    Evaluation of weaknesses by their frequency of occurrence and impact strength

    Development of solutions based on best practice analysis, internal expertise, and expert interviews insights

  • Evaluation of Results & Key Findings

    These solutions were then evaluated along a feasibility-effort-cost axis

    Additionally, a comprehensive overview of 10+ similar market leading solutions was compiled on a technical and process level

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