Enabling better decision-making

Insights about markets, industries, technologies, customers, and suppliers, … are an essential part of making the right decisions. This drives us and all of our projects. Our passion is to provide you top of notch Market Research.

Within our Market Advisory services, we focus on consulting-driven analyses for Digital Solutions and Technologies.

On the Account-Based Marketing side, we focus on providing in-depth insights into your targets, buying centers to best support your Marketing and Sales activities.

One question that we ask ourselves since years: Are we consultants or researchers? The truth is in the middle: We focus on high-end research with a consulting-driven approach and mindset and don´t stop with providing you plenty of data. We love to go one step ahead and focus additionally on interpretations and recommendations – but all based on a market/ external perspective.

A great combination of Market and Customer Insights

On our Market Advisory projects we´re mostly dealing with new technologies, IOT, IT infrastructure topics, and major trends and developments.
Backed up with this experience we do have a different look on Insights for Account-Based Marketing especially with regard to recommendations.

Market Advisory
We breath insights! Within our Market Advisory projects we identify and analyze data via Secondary Research and Expert Interviews to help inform strategic decisions.
Main focus is on Digitalization topics, technologies, and Digital Business Solutions.
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Account-Based Marketing
No time to dive into research? Focus on things you´re best at: Perfect your ABM approach, win major deals and be a great partner to your clients – and let us put in the work to support your approach the best possible way with top of the notch customer insights.
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Four Reasons for working with us

Working together with externals needs trust, we go the extra mile to support you in the best way


  • Backed by experience of delivering 500+ projects
  • High volume of projects with a digital dimension and its application across key industries and use cases
  • Flexible project assignments, e.g. for complete market & competition part incl. ad-hoc support in case of ongoing projects with capacity bottlenecks


  • Proposal, staffing and project launch within 24h if needed – based on requirements (e.g. CDD)
  • Project duration usually between 1 to 12 weeks
  • Quick decision paths enable rapid capacity expansion of project teams as well as taking over additional project tasks on short notice

Personal & Flexibel

  • We take care of every project and customer and care about communication & alignment
  • Depending on your needs we have a very close exchange regarding project progress, decisions, and preparation as a base for a smooth integration of our results in your work

Working Method

  • All projects subjected to rigorous internal quality assurance norms especially regarding information structuring, frameworks applied, and qualification of research results
  • Customer-ready and management-oriented slides incl. action title & storyline
  • Communication is remote, in close collaboration with phone/ video conferences & screen sharing

How can we support you?

We´ll be glad to discuss your challenges.