Know exactly what drives your clients

No time to dive into research? Focus on things you´re best at: Perfect your ABM approach, win major deals and be a great partner to your clients – and let us put in the work to support your approach the best possible way with top of the notch customer insights.

Based on a Salesforce study over 60% of Sales Professionals mentioned the following challenges in regards to research:

– Having enough time
– Figuring out what´s most valuable
– Having capabilities to extract meaning from data
– Knowing how to access the information

Gaining in-depth Customer Insights in B2B is our core business, where we can use our extensive experience and support you the best possible way.

Available information about your Enterprise Customers are comprehensive. Based on your specific needs we focus inter alia on the following:

Company Strategy

Vision/ Objectives | Target Groups
Focus Markets & Regions
Positioning & Competitors ...

IT Strategy

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing
Partner Model | Supplier Strategy
Core Focus | Major Projects ...

Buying Center Analysis

Local vs. Global Buying Centers
Initiators | Buyers | Influencers
Deciders | Approvers ...

Strategic Measures

M&A | Partnerships | Digital
Transformation | Investments
Top Management Changes ...

ICT Infrastructure

Public/ Private/ Multi Cloud
UCC Solutions | ERP | Analytics
CRM | Mainframe | PBX | Automation ...

Key Decision Makers

Based on position, hierarchy
location, topics of interest, projects
mentioned, job description, etc.

Corporate Structure

Organizational Structure | Key
Decision-Making Units or Divisions
Subsidiaries | Global Operation ...

Event Strategy

Virtual Events | Hybrid Events
On-site events | own events +
participating | persons to meet ...

Buying Triggers

Company/ Department growth
focus projects/ topics, M&As
new offices, Software in use ...

Key Financials

Key Investment Initiatives
Revenue Splits by Division or Unit
P&L Analysis | Financial Health ...

Social Focus Topics

Marketing Positioning | Interaction &
Engagement | Collaborations
Core Topics & Headlines ...

Hot News

Recent Investments | new hirings
Restructuring | New collaborations
Updates to Supplier landscape ...
Customers like Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Hilti,
T-Systems and Zoom Communications trust our work.