2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • Based on the findings of a previous project, an automotive OEM wanted to expand the scope of relevant customers segment and find out the most relevant ones by volume and business needs for a digital solution
  • The digital solution to be sold is meant to track mobile parts in a van, that are being used by the employees to complete their job in the field
  • Focus on service technicians and public entities (hospital, police etc.) that work in shifts, change drivers several times per day and would thus face the challenge of missing equipment in the field required to fulfill their job

Project Objectives

  •  A clear ranking list of different (sub)industries and use cases from the perspective of market potential (number of vans) and business need (pain with van-related inventory management)
  • Providing basis by market sizing, extending by qualitative information derived by expert interviews
  • Based on the above, the management of the client should be able to decide whether to move forward with the roll-out of the solution at all, in case yes which customer segments should be prioritized

challenges we faced

  • Difficulties regarding expert selection, given different industries handle their fleet and inventory management in different manners/ departments

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Market analysis

    Market potential analysis done based on statistical authorities data and with the client pre-defined K.O. criteria (business usage of vans, working in shifts and mobile/ moving parts transported, which are required for the execution of field job)

  • Industry profile

    After having a defined list of relevant segments and market potential, deep-dive profiles were created for each depicting the characteristics of the segments from different perspectives, such as number of van users, drivers changes, importance and value of mobile parts, pain points regarding inventory management and digitalization affinity

  • Customer segments

    Results of the second module (business case) were subsequently combined with the first module of market sizing, in order to arrive at a final list of most relevant customer segments

  • Validation of data

    Expert interviews supported our conclusions throughout the analysis, all done over the phone with specialists in their field

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