Real Estate

2 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • A major ICT provider wanted to explore the market of Building Monitoring & Analytics (BMA) in order to support the development of a new BMA platform, define its market positioning and marketing strategies and expand its capabilities with strategic partnerships
  • The market intelligence project provided a base for defining the platform development and launch strategy, e.g. which functions and platform characteristics to focus on, which customer segments to address, and how to provide added value to these customer segments by integration of SW partners on the platform

Project Objectives

  • Building automation market trends & development evaluation to enable our client to assess the growth potential of a BMA solution, incl. growth opportunities per market segment, and to consider possible market inhibitors from demand and technology side
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis to facilitate decisions with regards to market positioning, white spots and differentiation strategy
  • Evaluation of BMA SW/application providers to offer a basis for further expansion of the platform capabilitiesthrough strategic partnerships, considering pre-defined criteria by the client

challenges we faced

  • Limited availability of forecasts with regards to very specific factors such as number of installed sensors in buildings due to a very immature market
  • High technological complexity of investigated solutions, combining HW, SW and connectivity interplay, required a deep understanding of underlying technolog

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Market analysis

    BMA market analysis, incl. market segmentation per building type (Office, Healthcare, etc), assessment of market potential per customer segment based on size and growth of the number of connected devices andin-depth analysis of segment-specific customer needs with regards to building automation

  • Longlist creation of providers

    Creation of a longlist of approx. 70 BMA SW/application providers and evaluation of all companies based on pre-defined knock-out criteria

  • Deep dive of major providers

    Major competitors defined and investigated in-depth, incl. their BMA solutions’ features, strategy and key strategic moves, partner ecosystems and customer segments

    Market players grouped by type of providers after identification of similar market strategy patterns to support differentiation recommendations

  • Further evaluation & Recommendations

    Further evaluation of companies, covering the knock-out criteria, based on a scoring model and deep-dive analysis of the top 20 shortlisted potential partner

    Action recommendations based on insights from all project modules

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