ICT provider

4 months

Global scope

Initial Situation

  • A leading German ICT provider wanted to expand its offering by a digital key solution, which includes hardware and software components
  • The solution enables B2B delivery companies to open the trunk of service vans, allowing goods to be placed there before the workday starts, leading to reduced time on non-billable hours of the technicians
  • The solutions team required market information regarding sales potential and current competitor landscape for a presentation in front of the board, decision reg. launch date and strategic positioning had to be made

Project Objectives

  • Forecasting market potential of digital keys in a B2B logistics setting by modelling the market for such deliveries – provides a basis for supply and potential revenue planning to be discussed with the board
  • Analysis of the provider side in order to find potential competitors and to validate the proposed differentiating factor of opening not only cars but any kind of a physical door (e.g. warehouse)
  • Describing the customers’ needs and characteristics after identifying the most relevant customer segments by industry

challenges we faced

  • Very limited direct competition on the market, majority of solutions in beta phase led to challenges regarding secondary research and general market data
  • Currently niche market on the demand side with limited number of companies and customer industries

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Market modelling & Forecast for Growth

    Bottom-up market modelling enabled by an oligopolistic market of in-van delivery providers in DE based on by industry experts approved assumptions in Excel

    Forecast depicting three different growth scenarios via statistical data, expert statements and assumptions for the next five years

  • Analysis of shortlisted companies

    Competitor analysis based on shortlisted companies analyzing their business models, connectivity technology and pricing – focusing on differentiating factors and success of such solutions on the market (heavily based on expert interviews)

  • Customer analysis

    Customer analysis based on interviews with both providers and potential customers (service companies currently distributing spare keys to CEP providers) measuring mainly the willingness to innovate and their pain points reg. status-quo

  • Recommendations & Key Findings

    Recommendations for action combined all three modules and insights from both parties of the expert interviews leading to highly targeted and actionable insights

    Over 60 one-hour phone discussions resulted in 60 company profile and 120 interview slides – key findings presented on 15 top management slides

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