We analyze relevant markets

The extensive knowledge of the market, competitors and trending topics, represent one of the most important components for every company’s success. A decisive factor in it is to keep track and be up to date with the latest market developments, innovations and activities of the new competitors. That´s why we offer our clients the market radar.

With the market radar our clients receive the latest information and developments in individually-selected time intervals. Related areas can also be individually determined and presented in the format you require.

This allows you to react quickly to changes and therefore always position yourself optimally in the market environment. Preparation of the information can be done in a format of your choice (Excel, PowerPoint, HTML newsletter).

Mergers & Acquisitions

Observation of competitors’ or customers’ M&A activities. If required, an analysis of their potential impact is conducted

Sales Orders

Market surveillance by using publications, new customer orders and business relations between competitors


Competitors’ monitoring in terms of product innovations and improvements

Product Information

Competitors’ monitoring in terms of changes/problems with their products. Detecting/screening of their entire product portfolio is also included

Attack Fields

Analysis and development of potential attack fields that result from market changes and/or provide starting points for clients’ own activities

Time interval & Content

Clients can decide on the frequency of the radar and individually determine the desired content. Daily updates are possible as well

what is important to us

We deliver market radars built upon specific customer needs. Delivering Format (PDF, PPTX, HTML, XLS, CSV) is defined fully flexible as well as frequency and range of recipients. Additional the results can be presented in workshops or webinars, results can be aggregated and complemented with strategic recommendations

Thomas Allgeyer

CEO & Founder

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

The combination of secondary and primary data provides a comprehensive picture of our clients’ chosen markets. The relevant information, which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press-reports, and company annual reports, is collected and presented according to clients’ needs and preferences. All open questions, which were not answered during the secondary survey, are then primarily evaluated by the means of expert interviews and suitable surveys.

  • Briefing

    In order to deliver results that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, a comprehensive pilot discussion of the project is conducted, in which our actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery are defined

  • Secondary Research

    Through secondary research we collect and consolidate the most relevant information from various databases, press archives, reports and our extensive knowledge base

  • Expert Interviews

    Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents

  • Project Completion

    Via personal phone calls with our clients or through on-site information sessions. On request, presentations can be conducted in front of larger groups with further discussions about next steps

Reasons for execution

On-point project results based on your specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Strong expertise in the Market Intelligence field

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Directly book a time slot, we´ll be happy to discuss your needs

Project examples

Market Radar is an analytical tool that provides current and relevant information about specific topics such as mergers and acquisitions, sales orders, innovations, product information and attack fields. Additionally, this tool is used to keep companies’ management informed about the relevant news and increase their effectiveness without spending hours trying to gather all relevant information.

It is completely tailor-made and based on clients’ requirements so they can decide on its frequency and content. The relevant information can be provided in the form of HTML newsletter, PowerPoint presentation and Excel. Through the Market Radar our clients can stay informed about market trends, new products launches, innovations and other relevant industry specific news, which helps them make the right decisions for their businesses.