1 week


Initial Situation

  • An automotive OEM is currently scaling up a digital solution used to digitally open the trunk of a van by overnight delivery providers
  • Such vans are used by services technicians, who usually need spare parts to be installed in misfunctioning machines – having it delivered in their van saves up to 2-3 hours per day of a single technician
  • The client was in the progress of defining next year’s budget for business development, sales and marketing, all in face of rolling out the digital solution on a mass scale

Project Objectives

  • Identifying relevant industrial sectors, in which service technicians leverage vans to perform repairs/ maintenance and other urgent tasks on machines and other equipment/ devices
  • Estimating the number of relevant service vans, before narrowing down to reach number of technicians/ vans, potentially using overnight services and their van as a drop-off point for package deliveries
  • The number serves as an argumentation basis in front of the top management defining next years budgets and growth plans

challenges we faced

  • Very short amount of time for project execution (less than a week)
  • Niche market of overnight deliveries, especially with vans used as drop-off points
  • Highly fragmented usage of vans by companies

provided by the project team

Project execution

  • Estimating market size

    To identify the market size of service technician vans, estimation was based on the national statistical data for vehicle

  • Share of vans used

    Each segment investigated by secondary research and/ or expert interviews to narrow down the share of vans actually used by technicians

  • Estimation of deliveries

    Next two levels included the estimation of overnight deliveries relevance (based on business case urgency and current coverage of such delivery providers) and estimation of deliveries to the trunk of service vans

  • Sizing other countries

    Besides the core country of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg have been sized with extrapolation of German numbers (given their much smaller size)

  • Exploring opportunities

    The last step differentiated between current market volume (by market modelling overnight deliveries in vans by status-quo providers) and further untapped market potential, as the difference of the total market size and current market volume

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