We analyze relevant markets

As part of our Strategic Market Analysis, we consider the relevant target market of our clients.

The analysis is mainly based on market size and development, trends and drivers, as well as competitors.

Its exact content is jointly and individually compiled with our clients’ requirements.

Our clients use the Strategic Market Analysis as a basis for their marketing concepts or business plans, especially when related to the topics: growth, internationalization, market entry, product and company positioning and M&As.

Key aspects of Market Analysis

Market Definition

Definition and demarcation of the relevant markets based on clients’ requirements. For instance, the definition of the relevant markets can be based on geographic focus, technology and materials used, or stages of value creation

Market Size & Development

Analysis of the relevant markets in relation to market structure, size, volume and development. This part can also include a calculation of the current/future market volumes. Depending on the requirements regarding the depth of market data, studies are acquired, expert interviews carried out, and data is primarily collected or combined using several methods simultaneously

Trends & Drivers

Analysis of market trends and drivers. Economic, political, technical and social drivers are identified and analyzed with respect to the project requirements


Determination and analysis of the competitor structure with focus on key players/top competitors. Individual comprehensive competitor profiles are also included upon request

Customer Needs

Analysis of the customers structure and identification of relevant customer target groups. In addition, top customers and their needs are identified

Opportunities & Risks

Analysis of growth opportunities and potential risks. Analysis and evaluation of the opportunities and risks for the selected markets as a part of a SWOT Analysis. Examples of possible results include unsaturated markets, new marketing opportunities, substitute products and declining market volume

what is important to us

We usually face projects with lack of information about relevant competitors and products, due to our focus on B2B industries and innovative products & services in the field of Digitalization. Due to our approach and methodology we ensure the best possible project results as base for strategic decisions.

Marcel Blume

Director Market Advisory & Business Development

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

The combination of secondary and primary data provides a comprehensive picture of our clients’ chosen markets. The relevant information, which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press-reports, and company annual reports, is collected and presented according to clients’ needs and preferences. All open questions, which were not answered during the secondary survey, are then primarily evaluated by the means of expert interviews and suitable surveys.

  • Briefing

    In order to deliver results that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, a comprehensive pilot discussion of the project is conducted, in which our actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery are defined

  • Secondary Research

    Through secondary research we collect and consolidate the most relevant information from various databases, press archives, reports and our extensive knowledge base

  • Expert Interviews

    Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents

  • Project Completion

    Via personal phone calls with our clients or through on-site information sessions. On request, presentations can be conducted in front of larger groups with further discussions about next steps

Reasons for execution

On-point project results based on your specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Strong expertise in the Market Intelligence field

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