Screening of relevant markets, events and trends

Time is a decisive factor in an intense competition. To be able to make decisions within the widest possible scope for action, trends must be recognized at an early stage. Our Trend Analysis is designed to help you achieve this goal. It offers the possibility to identify developments already in the development phase and thus to recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage. With the help of the Trend Analysis, your company can prepare itself for emerging changes and achieve competitive advantage.

We have extensive experience in the area of Trend Analysis in the B2B segment in industries like IT (IoT, Analytics, Cloud, Digitalization) and Automotive. The capacity of making complex analysis, combined with our deep knowledge and understanding of market trends is the core value that we have committed ourselves to. The Trend Analysis service offers the possibility to identify market trends, market opportunities and market risks at the early stage and can help your company adjust to market changes more easily and through that achieve/enhance its competitive advantage.

Trend Identification

Identification and collection of trends in the macro environment such as economics, politics, society, etc. as well as with respect to market and technology development

Trend Scenarios

Trend evaluation with respect to influence, impact intensity as well as probability of occurrence and subsequent scenarios

Opportunities & Risks

Identification of opportunities and risks of current trends and market drivers

Options for Action

Based on identified opportunities and risks it is possible to establish necessary measures to cope with existing trends

what is important to us

Early identification of trends & market developments is essential for adjusting investments, product & service developments and in generl strategic decisions. Each Market Radar is specifically designed based on your needs and topics of interest. Usually our trend analyses are based on megatrends and digging deeper in trends with highest impact for our customers.

Thomas Allgeyer

CEO & Founder

Multi-level approach delivers the best possible project results

The combination of secondary and primary data provides a comprehensive picture of our clients’ chosen markets. The relevant information, which is based on a variety of existing data from studies, databases, press-reports, and company annual reports, is collected and presented according to clients’ needs and preferences. All open questions, which were not answered during the secondary survey, are then primarily evaluated by the means of expert interviews and suitable surveys.

  • Briefing

    In order to deliver results that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, a comprehensive pilot discussion of the project is conducted, in which our actions, milestones, interim presentations and final delivery are defined

  • Secondary Research

    Through secondary research we collect and consolidate the most relevant information from various databases, press archives, reports and our extensive knowledge base

  • Expert Interviews

    Supplementary validation of our information and hypotheses through interviews with experts from industry, industry consortiums, and correspondents

  • Project Completion

    Via personal phone calls with our clients or through on-site information sessions. On request, presentations can be conducted in front of larger groups with further discussions about next steps

Reasons for execution

On-point project results based on your specific needs

Reliable and close collaboration

Strong expertise in the Market Intelligence field

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Project examples

Trend Analysis is used to identify market trends, market opportunities and market risks. It can help businesses adjust to market changes more easily and to achieve competitive advantage. Moreover, Trend Analysis can help management better understand the short-term liquidity position as well as the long-term solvency position of the company.

In order to improve business and to generate more growth, trend analysis can be used as a perfect tool to develop the strategy correspondent to these trends and business goals. In addition, the Trend Analysis could be used for investment purposes, because it gives an overview of the financial position of the business, as well as to predict the future events such as the future cash flow based on past data.

The first step is to identify trends from the macro environment and based on that to make trend evaluation regarding influence, impact intensity as well as probability of occurrence and subsequent scenarios. After the trend identification and evaluation, we evaluate opportunities and risks of current trends and market drivers and based on that we examine the potential courses of action.